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ShopGuard Crystal

ShopGuard Crystal
ShopGuard Crystal
Model: Shopkeeper
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Price: $1,290.00


A single high quality Acrylic Plug and Play wide exit detection system. Uses a variety of reusable high security Hard Tags and Adhesive Labels(see Related Products tab). Unlke many other detection systems ShopGuard Crystal does not require complex software tools that are required to install the system. This feature does not lock you into costly maintenance costs for the life of the product. Adjustments are simple and self explanatory.Dependent on the tag type Shopguard can detect hard tags reliably up to 90cm either side of the antenna. If you require wider detection then a second Shopkeeper will be required. 

Perfect for Fashion Stores, Pharmacy, Video Stores, Bottle Shops and Supermarkets etc.

Price does not include installation which must be ordered seperately. Please add this to your basket - For a single system - Single System Installation Fee, for a double system Double System Installation Fee. Please read the conditions of the installation fee.

If this ShopGuard system is installed by a storeMART representative we will guarantee all products and works for twelve months from the installation date.

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