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Mobile Phone Security Display

Storemart’s discounted mobile phone and accessories security solutions are simply the smartest and cheapest display security products in the industry, as they offer the perfect combination of merchandise access and tough Infrared technology security. Around the globe, consumer electronic retailers are turning to this technology for their store’s mobile phone security.

Extremely easy to install, use and maintain, the result is unmatched for effective cost-efficient mobile phone display with security features & benefits. Simply unpack and install! Once installed either permanently or temporarily, stands are easy to relocate or remerchandise, leaving no sticky residue or damage to the furniture. All installation is performed easily above the counter, so store staff will find them easy to maintain. And unlike line alarm systems, these stands don’t require holes drilled into countertops, so messy wiring is totally eliminated from your mobile phone display area.

Not only do these products provide alarming anti-theft protection, they also provide a strong visual deterrent. With this in mind, the designs of Storemart’s mobile phone security display systems are also optimal for customer interaction – the sleek forward curved mobile phone stands provide an inviting, clean and easily interactive customer experience. These systems can be used for any current phones on the market from iPhones to Android smartphones, as well as traditional mobile phones, as well as smaller electronics items such as GPSs, iPods and other MP3 players.

Mobile phone accessories such as cases, cords, mobile phone headsets and chargers are conveniently and safely displayed on secure hooks. Retailers have peace of mind that these blister-packaged hang-goods are protected from shoplifting.

Anti-sweep, part access or full locking - whatever your level of protection, our secure hooks are the only wall security fixtures to provide the locking features that allow you to confidently merchandise high-value items openly to customers. It is simply the most cost effective, item-level security solution available