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Tamper Evident Tape Red  - 50M continuous roll - Qty 1
Partial Transfer Security Tape (Tamper Evident Tape) Leaves a unique void message when removed. ..

Tamper Proof Tape

This tape is the ideal security solution for products which carry an extra physical integrity risk; everything from pharmaceuticals and food to private & confidential documents can be secured with tamper proof tape. It's also incredibly unobtrusive and effective in terms of protecting small, flat or delicate items. 

Tamper evident labels come in 50-metre continuous rolls, which means they can be cut and applied to any size of surface (or around packages of any dimension). Whether you use a small 150mmx50mm individual label or a whole roll, you'll be able to easily identify whether a product has been opened or otherwise interfered with. They make an excellent complement to other equipment and accessories; for example, using a combination of an AM label and tamper evident tape can be a visual deterrent, physical alarm and product integrity protection all in one. 

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